On behalf of Golden Experiences, Inc. (GEx), I would love to invite you to make a positive impact by influencing golden experiences for Seniors, Mothers and Children who are in need. The past year has been indeed challenging for many, especially those who were struggling prior to the pandemic and its effects. Passionate about making a difference, Golden Experiences was established in December 2020 with the mission to create Golden Experiences - empower Seniors, Mothers, and Children with the resources needed to live, lead, and influence positive and healthy lifestyles. We have successfully organized food drives to provide healthy meals for hundreds of families, had basic needs (toiletries, diapers and baby food) donation drive for mothers and children in shelters here in Houston and also sponsored similar outreaches in rural villages in Africa bringing smiles to many families and food on their tables.

Golden Experiences, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit charity organization which started out as a dream of one and has since grown to now have a phenomenal board and volunteers known as ‘Golden Experiences Ambassadors’ (GEA’s) willing to invest in and promote the full realization of the dream. As we increase, GEx is networking with compassionate individuals and organizations in the community to expand for maximum impact while creating and influencing golden experiences - one person at a time.


Health Education Programs

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Wholesome wellbeing: Physical, Mental, Financial, etc.

Women & Family Empowerment

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Skills: Knitting, Sewing, Baking, Party Décor, Interior décor; Financial Management/Investing; Literacy classes.

Senior Citizen Forums

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Harnessing the wisdom of the elderly while influencing happier and healthier Seniors.

Mentorship Programs

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Creating a pipeline of equipped future leaders.

Crisis Ministration

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Assisting those who experience emergencies leading to financial hardship.

Food Pantry

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Alleviating hunger, improving health.


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Financial empowerment to catalyze Golden Experiences.

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