We appreciate your invaluable gift of time and resources. As a volunteer with us, you are referred to as a ‘Golden Experiences Ambassador’ (GEA). We are delighted that you are considering joining this group of amazing individuals and organizations who facilitate the mission of Golden Experiences (GEx).
In respect of the CDC guidelines regarding the COVID-19 pandemic we are prioritizing the safety of our volunteers and their loved ones, so currently, most of the volunteer opportunities are virtual. It is exciting that the from the comfort of your home, you can still do a lot to create and influence golden experiences for those who are in dire need.
Our team has provided several opportunities by which you can serve. These have been categorized based on the programs offered in alignment with our mission at GEx.


Health Education Programs

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Interested in sharing Health Education Presentations, Writing Health Articles, or supporting Health Outreaches in diverse ways, we have unique virtual opportunities for you.

Women & Family Empowerment

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Make a difference in the life and future of women by teaching and training. Skills: Knitting, Sewing, Baking, Party Décor, Interior Décor, Financial Management/Investing; Literacy classes.

Senior Citizen Forums

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Harnessing the wisdom of the elderly while influencing happier and healthier Seniors. Sponsor any of the following activities: Birthday Parties, Wisdom Parties, Wellness Events.

Mentorship Programs

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Passionate about influencing greatness through mentoring to create a pipeline of equipped future leaders, this is an exciting opportunity for you.

Crisis Ministration

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Assisting those who experience emergencies leading to financial hardship: Fundraising, basic needs donation drives, etc. are needed to meet the needs of those who suddenly find themselves in precarious financial situations. Does this resonate with you? we need your assistance to make a difference in this regard.

Food Pantry

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Alleviating hunger: Fundraising, Food drives. Committed to ensuring that no one goes hungry, you can do your part by organizing donation drives for this cause, which can be in the form of cash or foodstuff.


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Interested in engaging other community members or organizations to provide financial empowerment through fundraising, and or establishing and fostering strategic partnerships to empower the less privileged with the funds they need to effect their golden experiences? This is a great opportunity; you are welcome to join us in this journey.


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Are you great at creative writing, social media engagement/marketing and would love to influence golden experiences in this way? We would be grateful to have you.

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